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Preserve ™ Woodenware Oil


Preserve Woodenware Oil, A Natural food safe finish for wood

Available in convenient 8 oz. bottles



Preserve™ Woodenware Oil is a non-toxic finish for use on everything from butcher blocks and cutting boards, to salad bowls and children’s toys.  This unique blend of nut oils penetrates deeply into wood fibers preventing woodenware from absorbing food juices and odors.  Rejuvenate your badly abused wood knife handles, cutting boards, dry cracking salad bowls and unprotected butcher blocks.  Watch as Preserve™ enhances the wood grain with its golden tone.  Preserve™ can also be used on varnished surfaces to hide scratches instantly.

Preserve™ is a rare blend of oils from the meats of exotic nuts.  This penetrating, drying oil is digestively safe immediately upon application.  Some salad bowl finishes contain volatile thinners that must be air dried for 30 days before they are non-toxic.  Other salad bowl finishes are petroleum oil (mineral oil) and do not dry.  Preserve™ has a pleasant nut scent and is safe enough for food items, yet durable enough for wood turnings and carvings. 



  • Totally non-toxic directly from the container (made from nut oils).
  • Naturally drying oil
  • Safe for children to use on toys and projects
  • Long shelf life
  • Produces a warm golden tone
  • Seals out food juices that can contaminate food surfaces
  • Biodegradable product made from natural renewable ingredients
  • No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)


Apply generously with your hand or soft cloth to the clean dry surface of wood.  Allow Preserve to penetrate the wood grain for 15 minutes.  Wipe off excess and feel free to use the item immediately.  Reapply as necessary to maintain the appearance and protection. 


Safety:  Individuals who are known to have nut allergies should avoid nut oil products.